Monday, 8 April 2013

my happy steamy cake!

today got an order from a friend asking an original steamed cake.. its somebody's birthday and she's going to give the cake as a gift. she wanted a simple & sweet one ;) NO TOPPING, just a cake with a simple note of happy birthday wish...


ok.. now we just wait for the cake to be steamed.. hehe once ready, will post the pic of it..

TARAAAAA........... DONE! but sorry coz i dont have the pic of the one which my friend ordered. dont have time to snap coz running out of time at that time.. :p and pics below is the one i made earlier for our family tea time :) cut the cake into cubes and pressed it into cups to make cupcakes, topped it with cream cheese :)

pic 2 : half of the cake we simpan to just eat like that! tastes so nice, spongy & sweet!.. siapa nak boleh order ye... ngeee (browse : kek Ambong  for more info)

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